Quotes from Acting Out

Grace: "It's like being kissed by my grandmother, except Josh doesn't have a moustache."

Jack: "Why eat them? Why not just apply them directly to your man teets?"
Will: "Come on.:
Grace: "Would you give him a break? He's skinny. Just let him eat his cookies."
Jack: "Hey, hetero skinny is very different than homo skinny. You're not in the club, you wouldn't understand."

Will: "Hey, first ever kiss between a gay man and 88th street."

Jack: "Oh my God, do you understand this is bigger than the moon-landing?!"
Will: "One giant step for man on mankind."

Grace: "Where is the camera going? Why are we looking at the fireplace?"
Jack: "Get off the flames and follow the flamers!"

Josh: "The lady at the nature store said it's very soothing, particularly if you're cramping during menses."
Grace: "I had a really nice time. Don't say menses."

Karen about Josh: "He should be killed."
Grace: "He happens to be the sweetest most thoughtful most sensitive guy I have ever gone out with. I think he's great."
Karen: "He makes me want to barf. I want to kick him till he's dead."

Will: "Leave the silly protest to Woody Harrelson and hemp flip-flops."

Will to Grace: "By the way, you have milk in the refrigerator that's so bad it's now good cheese."

Grace: "Most human beings are endowed with the capacity to feel emotion."
Karen: "Well, they're weak."

Josh: "So, to do the Kegel excercises, you just clench and release. It's really quite wonderful, like sit-ups for love's sweet flower."

Craig: "You'll never see two gay men kissing on network television"
Jack: "It's a gay network, for God's sake, the symbol is a peacock!"

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