Quotes from Whose Mom Is It Anyway?

Jack to Will: "I'm going to say this because I love you. Your disproportionately large head gives you a marionette-like quality."

Karen: "You have to convince them that you two are a real married couple or this one's gonna be spooning ceviche out of a bucket on a dusty soccer-field back in Chimi-changaville."

Will: "Grace, look, I'm sorry your mother causes you so much pain and embarassment, but you've got to look at it this way: it's incredibly entertaining for me. Does that help at all?"

Grace: "Mom, can I take you to my therapist? 'Cause he thinks I'm making you up."

Jack: "Would you stop worrying? She's just a maid."
Karen: "Just a maid? That's like saying Pradas are just shoes or vodka is just a morning beverage!"

Andy: "The last guy I went out with wasn't a fix-up, he was more of a fixer-upper. I used to call him 'This old boyfriend.'"

Will: "This isn't about you, this is about me. And if you have a problem with that, that's something you should take up with your pharmacist."

"You're gay."
Jack: "What, a guy sleeps with guys and immediately he's pegged as gay?"

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