Season 4, Episode 6: Rules of Engagement

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Aired: Thursday, November 1, 2001

Rating: 12.3/18


Written by Jeff Greenstein
Directed by James Burrows

Special guest star Woody Harrelson as Nathan

Sam Pancake as bartender
Jordan Feldman as Fred homosexual
Dean Cameron as guy
Shane Partlow as boyfriend

I just thought I'd include the NBC description of what was supposed to happen during this episode, because it's interesting that so much of it didn't happen:

During an intimate moment, Nathan pops the question of marriage to Grace but she recoils simply because the situation didn't fit her childhood fantasy of a proposal -- and when she realizes her mistake, she intends to return the favor and send out invitations. Meanwhile, Will tries to soothe Grace's ruffled feathers while engaging ethically challenged Jack and Karen over the proper rules of bar-tipping.

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