Quotes from Bacon and Eggs

Karen: Thank God my boobs are like arms. I was able to distract Stan with one of them while the other one motioned for Lionel to get out the door.

Jack: What could possibly be more important than my best friends creating a new life? *watch alarm goes off* Oooh, it's time to stalk Kevin Bacon.

Jack: Number of films with full frontal nudity, four. Number of films with full sidal nudity, three. Number of films with rear frontal nudity... priceless.

Will: Wow, with my fashion sense and your freakish upper-body strength this kid could take over the world.

Kevin: Why is it so hard for everyone to believe that I would have a stalker?

Leo: I usually don't have to work this hard, y'know. I have an nice job, and I'm pretty much going to have this hair until I'm eighty.

Will: I can't believe in all the time I've known you that I've had to say this twice, but my penis doesn't enjoy being sung to.

Kevin: A little tidbit I picked up from Val Kilmer.
Will: You did a movie with Val Kilmer?
Kevin: No, but Val was in "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise and Tom was in "A Few Good Men" with me. Huh, that was a short one.

Kevin: You. You're my stalker.
Jack: I prefer the term "professional crazed fan."

Will: I can't wait to tell our kid that his dad danced with Kevin Bacon.
Grace: Then that should save you the trouble of telling him you're gay.

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