Quotes from A Gay/December Romance

Grace: You know how I love to talk about food I'm going to eat while I'm already eating food?

Will: Women in big hats tap a hidden rage in me.
Alan: Know what makes me mad? Squirrels in Central Park that make eye-contact. Very unsettling.

Grace: Wow, takes me back to the old West... the old West Village.
Karen: Well, howdy domestic partner.

Alan: I've got to give the local traffic girl the ass of the local weather girl.

Jack: I would do a sugar daddy for a horse. Hell, I'd do a horse for a sugar daddy!

Will: I think you may have the wrong idea about our relationship.
Alan: And what would that be?
Will: Well, I don't know. You give me all this stuff, maybe you're expecting something in return.
Alan: Something?
Will: Something more than a handshake?
Alan: A hug?
Will: A hug with friction.

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