Quotes from Ice Cream Balls

Grace: Will, how many times do I have to tell you that a Bobsled Brownie is not gonna fill the hole where a boyfriend should be?

Will: Sometimes married people do things for each other even when they don't want to.
Grace: Why am I hearing about this for the first time now?

Will: Here's our strategy: you leave right now, and I'll slam the door.

Grace: I don't know about Vermont. It makes me bit uncomfortable in a state where you drive by 20 churches and not one temple.

Grace: I think this may be one of the weird problems that spending money can't fix.

Jack: I get carried away when I'm included.

Karen: Ever since Stan died, I barely see him anymore.

Will: I always dreamed of two men holding each other tenderly in my office. I just always hoped one of them would be me.

Grace: What, no kiss?

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