Quotes from Courting Disaster

Jack: Hey, wanna be my second choice for the movies? We could go to a family film and look for gay subtext.

Will: You have things in common, like your love of the new format of Star magazine, and not knowing who's running for president.
Jack: I don't really like voting. I mean, what's the point of stepping into a booth if you can't get fondled.

Will: Karen, you don't know how to drive, do you?
Karen: Nah, never had to. Plus, somebody's gotta be the designated drinker.

Karen: Honey, I love driving, it's exhilarating. Let's take her up!
Will: Karen, this isn't a flying car.
Karen: It is when you've smoked as much as I have.

Grace: Before you do anything, count to ten.
Jack: Why?
Grace: Because Will said you couldn't.

Karen: Hi, angry. Mad much?

Will: Well NYPD boo hoo. Maybe you pull over a paperclip and give him a ticket for, uh, for clippin' together... I don't know how to finish that.

Jack: That's it, I'm done with men. I'm into women now. C'mon, let's make hot hetero love together. Take off your breasts and turn around.
Grace: Oh, if only that was the first time a guy said that to me.

Jack: I can't believe you didn't tell me you had a son. That makes me doubt us.
Grace: Jack, have you told Stuart you have a son?
Jack: No, but that's different, I forgot I had one.

Grace: When he was seventeen he donated some sperm because he wanted to buy a leather coat. We used to call it his Member Only jacket. But, y'know, now that there's an actual life involved we just call it a jacket.

Grace: Ohhh, gay love. I miss it.

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