Quotes from Last Ex to Brooklyn

Jack: This is Chompers, the Earl of Puppydom.

Diane: Uh oh, awkward moment. New wife meets the ex-girlfriend.
Grace: You think he traded d, I think he t u Diane: You're a gorgeous red-head, I'm an adorable blonde, but we know we have something in common: brown hair.

Leo: Wow. Room full of Leo-lovin' ladies! I'd give anything to take that back.

Leo: Well, lookie loo, same taste in bags, same taste in dudes. I promise I'll stop.

Grace: Don't flatter yourself.
Leo: Well, how can I not? I mean, at the moment I've had sex with everyone in this apartment... including myself.

Karen: We got you a dog.
Leo: A dog?
Karen: Yeah.
Leo: I've always wanted a dog. And I still do. This looks like something a dog coughed up. No thanks.

Karen: On cold nights he keeps your privates warm... I've heard.

Will: How did you know?
Karen: Probably 'cause you put your rubber on with your pinky up, Mary.

Karen: I like you. Wanna make out?
Diane: I like you too. Let's see how the evening goes.

Diane: By the way, I know it seems like I need to drink in order to have sex. I don't, it just makes it better.

Karen: Who was a better lay, Huck Finn or Captain Homo?

Will: Maybe it's just as well you never did take a ride on the Truman train. It could have ruined you for life.
Leo: Train? You had one passenger.
Will: Yes, but at least she got off.

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