Syndicated episodes on Lifetime

The cable network Lifetime shows syndicated episodes of Will & Grace. Here is a tentative schedule:

Mon. Oct. 16 11am May Divorce Be With You (S5)
Mon. Oct. 16 11:30am 23 (S5)
Mon. Oct. 16 11pm Yours, Mine or Ours (S1)
Mon. Oct. 16 11:30pm Secrets and Lays (S1)
Tue. Oct. 17 11am 24 (S5)
Tue. Oct. 17 11:30am Dames at Sea (S6)
Tue. Oct. 17 11pm Grace, Replaced (S1)
Tue. Oct. 17 11:30pm Will Works Out (S1)
Wed. Oct. 18 11am Last Ex to Brooklyn (S6)
Wed. Oct. 18 11:30am Home Court Disadvantage (S6)
Wed. Oct. 18 11pm Saving Grace (S1)
Wed. Oct. 18 11:30pm Alley Cats (S1)
Thur. Oct. 19 11am Me and Mr. Jones (S6)
Thur. Oct. 19 11:30am A-Story, Bee-Story (S6)
Thur. Oct. 19 11pm Object of My Rejection (S1)
Thur. Oct. 19 11:30pm Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner (S2)
Fri. Oct. 20 11am Heart Like a Wheelchair (S6)
Fri. Oct. 20 11:30am Nice in White Satin (S6)
Sun. Oct. 22 10am Yours, Mine or Ours (S1)
Sun. Oct. 22 10:30am Secrets and Lays (S1)
Mon. Oct. 23 11am Swimming from Cambodia (S6)
Mon. Oct. 23 11:30am Strangers with Candice (S6)
Mon. Oct. 23 11pm Whose Mom Is It Anyway? (S2)
Mon. Oct. 23 11:30pm Polk Defeats Truman (S2)
Tue. Oct. 24 11am Fanilow (S6)
Tue. Oct. 24 11:30am The Accidental Tsuris (S6)
Tue. Oct. 24 11pm To Serve and Disinfect (S2)
Tue. Oct. 24 11:30pm Terms of Employment (S2)
Wed. Oct. 25 11am A Gay/December Romance (S6)
Wed. Oct. 25 11:30am Ice Cream Balls (S6)
Wed. Oct. 25 11pm I Never Promised You an Olive Garden (S2)
Wed. Oct. 25 11:30pm Tea and a Total Lack of Sympathy (S2)
Thur. Oct. 26 11am Flip-Flop, Part 1 (S6)
Thur. Oct. 26 11:30am Flip-Flop, Part 2 (S6)
Thur. Oct. 26 11pm Seeds of Discontent (S2)
Thur. Oct. 26 11:30pm He's Come Undone (S2)
Fri. Oct. 27 11am Looking for Mr. Good Enough (S6)
Fri. Oct. 27 11:30am East Side Story (S6)
Fri. Oct. 27 11pm Oh Dad, Poor Dad, He's Kept Me in the Closet and I'm So Sad (S2)